Androgel Impacts in ladies

The impact of testosterone on HDL cholesterol could vary depending on the individual. Age may be a factor. The kind or dosage of your testosterone medicine could also influence its effect on your cholesterol. The review also notes other scientists found that men that had regular HDL and LDL cholesterol degrees had no significant modifications in their cholesterol degrees after they took testosterone. But those same scientists found that men with persistent illness saw their HDL degrees go down a little.

The takeaway

However, researchers have yet to offer a clear-cut solution concerning testosterone and cholesterol. It is necessary to comprehend that there might be a connection. If you decide to utilize testosterone treatment, make sure you think about every one of the dangers and advantages. Currently, the impact of testosterone on cholesterol isn’t really clear. As a growing number of people consider taking testosterone supplements, it’s urging to know that there are a lot of researchers considering the safety and security and value of this sort of hormone replacement treatment. Follow your physician’s advice about a heart-healthy lifestyle, and take any type of proposed drugs. This can assist keep your cholesterol, blood pressure, and other convenient threat factors in control. Presume there may be a link between testosterone and cholesterol. Be positive about keeping your cholesterol degrees in a secure array.

Androgel Impacts in ladies

Adverse effects

Like various other kinds of testosterone therapy, testosterone gel can trigger adverse effects what makes testosterone gel distinct is that its side effects can be passed to others who inadvertently come in contact with the application website. Comprehending testosterone gel negative effects as well as these extra risks can aid keep you and androgel 50 mg others safe while you utilize this treatment? A typical testosterone level for a man is between 300 and 800 ng/dL. Constantly lower degrees may suggest trouble with your body’s ability to make testosterone.